Avaya remote control

Set video device into standby mode and wake up from standby.

The Keypad is used to dial someone or input numerals. There is a raised bump on digit 5 to identify the keys

Delete character to correct mistakenly entered wrong character.


The key is green Call button/ Accept incoming call.

The key is Reject incoming call/ End call/ Cancel/ Back to Home screen.

OK/ Enter is done by means of the center circular key.



To operate Field selector keys. Use perimeter keys of the circular field (Left/ Right/ Up/ Down).

In a meeting: Control to turn camera Left/ Right/ Up/ Down.

Go back one step is done by means of the left circular key

In a meeting: Zoom in/ out camera



Adjust volume, uppermost of button Higher volume/ Increases. Lowermost of button Lower volume/ Decreases.

Microphone mute/ unmute key

Activate/ Deactivate presentation


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