Youtube live streaming and recording

YouTube streaming is handled on this page:
Before you get started, you may have to confirm your YouTube account with a SMS from Google.
To make it easy for you, Pexip have simplified this setup of live events by building a basic YouTube create event portal referenced below, by creating a live event with the default recommended settings. You can always change it or set up a manual event if you prefer so.
After verifying your YouTube account (via, referred to above).
Enter a video name and select Privacy level
- Unlisted means you must know the streaming URL to see the stream (this is our default)
- Public means anyone that can find you on youtube can find the stream (NOT recommended unless you are streaming very public content)
- Private means you must invite someone in particular to see your stream
—> Click Get new url
Select the YouTube account to use (this one must be verified first).
Now you will get the RTMP address back:
Click copy to move the rtmp:// address to your copy buffer
Now join your virtual meeting room
Add a new participant, and paste your RTMP address, for example:
Select RTMP and hit OK.
Now wait for a few seconds, go to youtube, to your YouTube Live Control Room (the green link below the rtmp:// address you copied) and click Preview.
Now scroll down and watch the preview stream, it is not broadcasted just yet.
You may have to Sync to preview player before starting streaming.
Click Start streaming, to start broadcasting.
Now you are streaming to the rest of the world, or at least those that know your link, if you made it Unlisted.
Click View on Watch Page (top right in the screenshot below) to see the normal YouTube view.
This is what it will look like for users that will see the live stream, signed in users on YouTube can even discuss the content/presentation in the chat, or ask questions.
Remember that it will have a 20-30 second delay as YouTube will be buffering a bit so it can tolerate loss in connection for a short period of time, so if you do this in a video meeting, try to be smart about the fact that it is delayed if showing it locally in the VC meeting. A participant watching the stream would not be in that meeting at the same time anyway so he would not notice, and this is to secure a good consistant experience, this is how it is done in streaming.
To stop streaming, disconnect the additional participant, that currently has the name/number of your VMR in the roster list.
YouTube users will now see the following when the stream does not have any input.
And in the Live Control Room you will see
As long as the Live Stream is open, you could always RTMP-dial back out and it will start again.
A few minutes after your stream is done, it will appear under Video Manager —> Videos.
If you do not want to to be available for later use, set it as Private or delete it.
You can also use the YouTube video editor to combine multiple recordings, or remove parts of a recording before you publish it etc.
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