Microsoft Azure live streaming and recording

Go to: and sign in with your Azure account.
Create a Media Service, in this example we call it pexrtmp2 and go in to this entry
Click Channels
Click Add

And wait for the channel to be created:

Click Start Channel (this will take a while)

When it shows Ready, copy the INGEST URL by click to the right of it.

The ingest URL will look like this:
Now you need to append a slash and an Azure stream name of your own choosing, we will use /pextream so the final RTMP URL will then be something like:
Now in your Pexip WebApp, do a dialout, select RTMP and paste the rtmp:// address above, remember that this must be the RTMP address that includes your stream name.

Now, wait 20 seconds to allow it to buffer, then go back to Azure, hoover over Play and Play Preview URL to to preview what Pexip is sending to Azure.

If you like what you see, you are ready to rock and roll.

Now you are ready to start streaming, click Start streaming

Confirm that you want to start streaming.


Wait a while for the streaming channel to start.

When it is ready, the field PUBLISH URL will be populated, hoover it and copy the URL.

Copy the URL, it will look something like this:
Now you need to put this link in to a player, so go to:
And below the example video, paste the PUBLISH URL and click update player

And you are viewing the stream live from Microsoft Azure:

Remember to go back to Azure and stop your channel by clicking STOP STREAMING.
Then when it has stopped, you also need to click STOP CHANNEL, and confirm.

This is important as it has a cost of approx $1 pr hour, by leaving it your Azure credits will disappear. :-)

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